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Receive Donations On Your Website With Crowdfundit

Crowdfundit allows you to receive donations on your website with ease. You can withdraw when your donations reach GHS 20 (USD 4) or more. Fees are 10% commission and 5% withdrawal charges to maintain the platform. Nothing more! We support multiple payment options including mobile money (Ghana), Credit Cards, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, other cryptocurrencies and many more.

To receive donations through LOGIN first (using your social ID or Username & password you have set). After login:

  1. Register on the platform as a vendor here.
  2. Ensure you are a vendor by checking your email for confirmation.
  3. Create your donation product/s by logging into Then go to My Account, and select Store Manager in the left panel. Now click on products.
  4. Follow the image guide to create your product 
  5. In the products list, click on the eye icon [fac_icon icon=”eye”] to View your product and copy the product link in the address bar of the page that opens.
  6. Embed the copied hyperlink on your website page by editing the link below and pasting it on your website or by creating your own link or button.

<a href=”Donate>paste product link here</a>

Now anytime someone clicks your donate link or button on your website it will bring the person to and to your donation page where they can pay using any of the options. You will be notified by email any time someone donates. You can contact support for paid assistance to embed a donation link in your website.

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