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A crowdfunding platform where friends support each other to raise funds for their projects through donations. Project creators specify rewards for contributing. It has a built in gamification feature with the chance of any one of the contributors winning 8 times (or more) their contribution in the donate and win event. You can play donate to win if you are feeling lucky or just go ahead and support a project. Crowdfundit also allows website and blog owners to receive donations on their websites by embedding a donate link they create here on their website/blog.

In the donate and win event, a beneficiary is randomly chosen always from the group of contributors in a transparent draw when the participants in the event reach 10.

One contributor will always wins!

We are motivated to bring some benefits of fintech to under-served regions such as Africa.


What We do

We help you raise funds for your project and receive donations on your website with ease in Ghana, Africa and the world. Our goal is to make fundraising more accessible to under-served regions of the world.

Anyone should stand a fair chance of raising funds if their operations are legal no matter where they are in the world. 

We support multiple payment options including mobile money (Ghana), Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lightning, other cryptocurrencies, Visa and other cards and many web payment options.

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