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A crowdfunding platform where friends support each other to raise funds for their projects through donations. Project creators specify rewards for contributing. It has a built in gamification feature with the chance of any one of the contributors winning 8 times (or more) their contribution. You can play donate to win if you are feeling lucky or just support a project.

A beneficiary is randomly chosen always from the group of contributors in a transparent draw when the participants reach 10.

One contributor always wins!


What We do

The concept is to help friends raise funds through crowdfunding or by staking their donation to the group of a fixed number of people. We support causes/projects with the returns on the gamified events.

Everyone stands a fair chance of being the one to win the donation because the winner is randomly generated by the system in a draw and this draw is shared on the platform. 

You have the option to donate using mobile money or cryptocurrency.

OuR Team

Adam Sender

The project lead committed to ensuring the process runs smoothly and fairly with no complaints ever on the user side.

Olivia Coleman​

Developer with years of qualify control and user experience knowledge under the belt. A strong addition to the team

James M. Beck​

Support team lead who gets the job done. The service support staff work hard to resolve all issues associated with the system and user concerns.

Emma Watson

Assistant support staff works with the support team lead to put smiles on the faces of our many users and happy customers. She has a great smile for everyone.

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