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About CrowdFundIt

CrowdFundit (crowd-fund-it) is a platform where you can post your projects to raise funds for them. It is designed to support your fundraiser by providing various means by which people can donate to your project. It is free join however a percentage of the donations you receive (currently 10%) goes to maintaining the platform as fees. Start donating to win a donation!.

How Donate & Win Works

The concept is to help friends raise funds for projects by backing the projects on CrowdFundIt, however you can also try your luck in the the Donate & Win event where the event ticket you buy offers you the chance to receive a donation from a fixed number of friends (currently 10) who have also bought the ticket. Everyone stands a fair chance of being the one to win the donation because the winner is randomly generated by the system from the ticket numbers in a draw and this draw is shared on the platform. You have the option to donate using mobile money or cryptocurrency. You receive 8 times the face value of your winning ticket. Note: Raffles only apply to donate & win participants. If you donate directly to a project, you may receive rewards specified in the project terms and conditions or by the project owner.

What You Can Win

You stand the chance of getting up to 800% (8 times) the amount you donated if your special number which was generated during your donation is picked in the draw.

You contribute a fixed amount (e.g. 1 cedi) to the friends donation fund (based on your subscription plan) using our platform which is similar to buying an item online (add to cart, checkout, make payment).


If 10 people contribute 5 cedis and only you get the number 2018-108 when you donated, if your number is picked in the draw, you get GHS40 cedis (5 cedis x 800%) which is 8 times your donation. If it is a multiple winner raffle e.g. 2 winner raffle, the winners will share the 800% between them. Example, 2 draws will mean 2 winners and each will get GHS20. If your number appears twice in a 2 winner draw, you take all!

Note: donating more than once before the draw will increase your chances by the number of times you donate but will not increase the winning amount (e.g. if you add 2 items to cart that is 5 cedis each and pay for them, it means you have two chances of winning 40 cedis which is 800% of 5cedis). The reward system is reset after each draw so that everyone can donate again and stand a chance of winning again.

How To Participate

Register and choose your plan based on the minimum amount you are willing to spend on each stake (e.g. Bronze is 1 cedi per stake). You have the option to upgrade in future (e.g. from bronze to bronze 2). Donate by adding your donation to your cart, entering your payment details and checking-out (pay). You will receive a special raffle number with each donation. Keep this special raffle number.

How The Winner Is Chosen

The winner is selected on this platform through a draw which picks a random raffle number from among the list of participants. The draw process is captured for all to view.

How Winner Receives Their Prize

The winner will receive their prize through the same medium that they donated. If you donated through mobile money, you will receive your prize through mobile money. If you donated with cryptocurrency, you will receive your payment in cryptocurrency.

Other Features

We provide a chatroom for members to discuss issues around the donations to maintain transparency. We have a contact page where you can send us messages for assistance. We also have an online FAQ and a support ticket system to address all your issues.

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